Ivo de Lange - Beatles photocollection

Welcome, my name is Ivo

Welcome to my Unique & Unseen Beatles photocollection

Before we talk about my beautiful collection of unique Beatles pictures, a short intro.

My name is Ivo de Lange. For many years I passionately ran a successful art gallery in the Netherlands. Due to the global nature of art, I was fortunate enough to visit many creative places around the world.

After many blissful years the thought grew that it was time to hand it over to the next generation. Art should always keep renewing … so I proudly handed the gallery over to my energetic children.

I thought I was done with it, but the beauty of art kept on attracting me. With that in mind, I hereby present to you the largest private collection of UNSEEN, UNIQUE BEATLES PICTURES. Shot between 1964 – 1966 and piece by piece signed by renowned photographer Robert Whitaker.

The collection was collected by me during my personal and close friendship with this brilliant photographer. Over one hundred pictures, piece by piece signed by Robert Whitaker.

One of the highlights is a photograph in which The Beatles can be seen breaking styrofoam boards. The picture is framed with this same styrofoam in which the four musicians put out their cigarette butts (Beatles DNA!).

Since this series of unique Beatles pictures is way too beautiful to keep to myself. I feel it is time to depart from this earthly, special possession.

Art lovers, investors and collectors

So to all you art lovers, investors and collectors out there. This is your chance to buy a unique piece of history. Take your time, look around, feast your eyes…and contact me when you are seriously interested in a solid investment.


Ivo de Lange

PS. Not interested in my unique Beatles pictures? More into art? On you can find a wide variety of art-pieces that I collected the past 40 years. For short digital enjoyment or to purchase for longer enjoyment.